Niken Azarah

Right now the world is being hit by the corona virus covid-19 pandemic, everyone is being forced into an unusual routine. Including Niken Azarah, our maxim model this time. A beautiful girl born 21 years ago was also among those who experienced the effects of this pandemic, but Niken remained relaxed facing it because she had a few tips for listening

Hi Niken, what are your activities now?
I am busy studying but there is an online shop business too

Tell us why are you interested in modeling.
The first photo experience for a friend’s merchandise in 2016, then was asked by another friend to be a model for college assignments. They say I’m fit to be a model because I’m tall. It just so happened that my sister had been a model so I was interested in trying it out

The impact of the current pandemic on your life?
Changes in lifestyle are most felt by almost everyone, 99% of activities are carried out at home, but I have to be grateful because this way it feels like we are close to family. The economic impact of our income is definitely reduced during this pademic.

Tips for a healthy life in Niken style?
• Eat healthy and nutritious foods
• Drink lots of water, because it is very important
• Sleep regularly, don’t sleep late
• Always exercise
• Think positively. Because it affects our lives! 🤗

How to deal with “new normal”?
• wear a mask if outside the home
• ready handsanitizer or liquid soap
• wet tissues & dry tissues available
• bring your own cutlery & drinking bottles
• wear gloves
• supplements or multivitamins don’t forget !!
• and remind each other 🤗

Hope for the next 3 years?
• can reach goals
• make parents happy
• be successful and become a better person

Full Name:  Niken Azarah
Height: 165cm
Weight:  55kg
Hobby: Travelling, Reading & Swimming
Favorite Music: All I Ask ( Adele )
Hangout Place: Kopi Nako☕️
Perfume : Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet
Favorite Food: Nasi padang
Idol: Kendall Jenner
Born: Depok, July 16th, 1999

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