Lisa Mariana Presley

For some people appear classy to be one thing that is mandatory. But the beautiful and sexy model Lisa Mariana Presley thinks, if classy doesn’t have to be just appearance, classy attitude becomes the most important thing for everyone to have. What does Lisa look like classy?

Hi Lisa, you look so beautiful, what are you doing right now?
Hi too, I’m just busy taking photoshoot while occasionally refreshing with my friends.

Where do you usually hang out with friends?
It’s normal for most cafes or pubs, as long as it’s important we can spend more time together hehe

What is your favorite outfit for going to hang out at?
I am simple, well, most usually just match the place. If the cafe is high class, yeah, I fit the outfit, I’m definitely the classy one to match it

What do you think classy looks like?
Look classy in my opinion well, luxurious, sexy but still elegant, does not display the impression of vulgarity

Then do you always look classy everyday?
Almost every opportunity, yes, especially when hanging out and making photoshoot needs. But what I need to emphasize here, classy is not only about appearance.

So what do you think is a classy person?
In my opinion someone especially a classy woman must have 3 B, Brain, Beauty and Behavior. So it doesn’t just have to be classy but also our thoughts and behavior. It’s useless for a classy look but shameful behavior

Then do you still maintain 3B in your daily life?
Oh yeah, of course, I don’t want people to judge me only by appearance. Classy appearance, behavior and thought must also be in line, hehe

Name: Lisa Mariana Presley
Height: 165
Weight: 50 kg
Hobbies: traveling, cooking
Favorite music: all the music I like
Favorite movie: Horror
Hangout place: the place should be as comfortable as holywings, skye, cloud, Cork & screw
Favorite food: rendang, ati fried sambal
Perfume: baccarat, creed & channel
Idol: cardi B
Born: April 22, 1997

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