Lia Nathalie

Long time no show in modeling Lia Nathalie is trying the entrepreneurship world. However, the routine as a businessman is not in accordance with the passion that Lia has. Now Lia returns to the world of modeling as Asia’s maxim cover

Hai Lia, where have 5 years gone?
Hi, I’m focusing on opening a business so I don’t have time for photoshoot

Why not try a new career in the entertainment world?
Actually, I have tried to enter the acting world to appear on FTV and even to the big screen, only I am aware of my own capacity if I am not so talented there, and I don’t want to be considered aji while

From the world of modeling to the world of entrepreneurship or business, what are the challenges?
The challenge? There are so many, because these two worlds are very different, when modeling during photoshoot we follow the direction of the photographer so that in accordance with the photoshot theme, if in this business world we are directing to be taken anywhere and then managing finances, controlling everything, which is certain more complicated and challenging but that doesn’t mean I underestimate modeling work

Tips for becoming an entrepreneur from Lia yourself what the heck?
The most important thing is we have to focus on what we are doing, and the business world certainly does not always run smoothly, there are ups and downs, if the business is quiet, don’t be discouraged, keep on going while introspection is lacking and then continue to improve quality, so that consumers are satisfied and also no less important we must love the field, so we can live it with enjoy and not get bored quickly

Name: Lia Nathalie
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Hobby: traveling & watching a movie
Favorite music: trance & R&B
Favorite movie: Horror & romantic film
Hangout place: beach club & place with live music
Favorite food: Chinese food
Perfume: Estee Lauder Modern Muse le Rouge
Idol: Marylin Monroe
Date of birth: July 29

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