Chintya Ramlan

Successful as Miss Popular early 2000, Chintya Ramlan is now present as a model for Maxim Asia. Beautiful and attractive in front of the camera, no doubt about matters of poses during a photo session

The Best thing about my Maxim features is…
That we were able to have each era and show a classic style that’s not seen too often.

My best asset is…
My personality and my want for everyone around me to feel happy. I think you should help the people you care about and who care about you. Life is too short to only think of yourself and your own happiness.

 I feel sexy..
After a long bath and after getting a facial and doing it myself and slipping into some comfy PJs or nothing when my bedding is freshly clean because it’s your genuine face and body without any enhancements. You really feel comfortable and when I’m comfortable I feel sexy.

My perfect date would involved…
Anything outdoors since we have been in quarantine! I miss outdoor adventures.

A guy could win his way to my heart by…
Knowing how to cook, being adventurous, intellectual and knowing how to make me laugh.

One thing a guy should always know about women is…
We always remember when you don’t fulfil your promises and we never forget when you put us down. So, act right.

My superpower would be…
Mind reading because you would be able to get anything you want, would know arguments before people had them and know what they want without asking.

The best pieces of advice anyone has ever given me is…
“You’re the best person at being you. You are one of one.”

In the coming weeks i will be…
Hopefully going back to normality and not stuck in the house because of COVID-19.

In five years i’d like to be…
Happy and taking life how it comes.

Name: Chintya Ramlan 
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Hobby: Catwalk
Favorite music: Pop, Jazz
Favorite movie: Action
Favorite Food: Shushi
Hangout Place: Cafe
Perfume: Cartier
Idol: Dash Berlin
Born: Sept 19th ,2000

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