Amanda Octavia

The figure of the maxim model this time is Amanda Octavia, who is familiarly called Manda. This beautiful girl is very grateful for what she has because she realizes that every human has advantages and disadvantages. What are Manda’s motivations for going into modeling? Let’s look at the following chat

Hi Manda, why are you interested in modeling?
The world of modeling makes me a more confident person, as I express my body face in front of the camera I am more grateful for what I have and I am very aware of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. So we must be grateful with what we have.

Prefer to be called sexy or beautiful? What is the reason?
I prefer to be called beautiful, actually beauty is relative. But if it’s beautiful inside and out it’s definitely sexy

Your ideal type of man?
my type is easy, as long as he is neat every time he goes with me, royal, love me and family is definitely the right choice

Is there an impression from the current pandemic?
Many are grateful for this pandemic, maybe we are asked to be closer to God and face more often to pray

If this pandemic ends, what place will you first visit?
Definitely a holiday in Bali .. yuhuu

Full Name: Amanda Octavia
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Hobby: Swimming
Favorite Music: Can’t help falling in love
Hangout Place: Union Cafe
Perfume : MISS DIOR
Favorite Food: Pasta
Idol: Anne Marie

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