Misel Muthia

This is the first time Misel Muthia performs in MAXIM Asia. And we said his debut was perfect. Misel is not only beautiful, she is also smart. Then what will Misel do if you ask her out on a date? Or what does he think of a possessive guy?

What do you feel when you know you want to be photographed MAXIM?
Hmm … happy for sure, because MAXIM is an international men’s magazine. Besides not all women can enter here. Hence therefore, what I see the girls are very selected and so not cheap.

Your opinion about a possessive guy while still going out? What did you do to tell him?
If I had a possessive guy I would have told him straight out if I did not like it. Maybe that means good, but actually possessive it does not matter as long as there is a limit.

Firstdate. How far do you do on the first date?
Incidentally if I met a suitable, kissing I think is the most stuck in the first date.

If one night stand?
Honestly, I do not really like one night stand. The reason is because I’m the type of girl who must have a commitment if a relationship.

What is your wildest fantasy? Or is the fantasy achieved?
Hahaha, what is it? Hmm … maybe sex on the beach. But until now has not accomplished hell. Maybe because here not much yes private beach.

Finally, what would you do if you were cheated on?
Certainly I will cheat back. Let the boys know what it’s like to be chewed up. New courtship have been often cheating, what if I want to connect more serious.







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